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Our Story

B&C Wurst™, LLC. was established in 2017, as we saw an opportunity to help those struggling to get enough food.  We knew the expansion of our family bratwurst recipe to a larger market was the chance to make a difference.  Our mission of hand-crafting wholesome ingredients into great foods began.  Our story though started long before B&C Wurst™.

Amy grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota where her parents owned old fashioned country stores.  In 1988, Amy’s Dad began making unique bratwurst.  And quickly became a success!  Amy worked alongside her family as they served and cared for the community.  Continuing the desire to serve, Amy joined the United States Air Force in 1994.  In 1997, she met Art who was also serving in the Air Force.  Art’s roots were in Central Pennsylvania.  And after years of military service the couple made their home in Mechanicsburg.

Food, community, and kindness have been at the essence of our journey.  We have seen these components bring humanity together throughout the world.  Along with our daughters, Cambria, and Kaia, we have set out to feed humanity.  We believe through our core values of integrity, authenticity, and generosity we will nourish lives and inspire hope.  Our bratwurst is made locally.  With each bite of our delicious product, you will taste the difference of our brats.  We use real ingredients, no fillers or preservatives, and source our meats locally.

A portion of proceeds from each sale will benefit local non-profit organizations.